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A taste of my Easter

2012-04-06 06:23:42 by Simple

So it's almost Easter and I haven't gone home for the Easter break which means I am at University; pretty much isolated from everyone, which is a downer. But I have had a lot of work that I have had to get done for the 16th of April. This involves making a fully functioning racing game with NPC's, checkpoints, weapons the whole shabang. Considering I had two years of previous experience coding in Visual Basic I consider the fact that I have been pretty much getting 100% in these assignments to be a good thing and shows that I actually have a talent for writing code which I would have never suspected when I was younger.

But I haven't just had a game to program. I have had to design and develop a website from scratch for a group project. Since I am not a web developer and I don't even have a basic understanding of HTML I found a basic template and have modified it an unholy amount changing every single image provided and modifying almost every single colour that was already in place As it stands I still have to make one or two design adjustments, but I also need to fill out the content and provide a download link to another game that I am in the process of developing for a different assignment.

In addition to the work I have been playing a game every now and then, but mainly League of Legends and Tribes Ascend.

For those who don't know League of Legends is a DoTA style game in which you control a champion from a large roster to fight against 3 or 5 enemy champions along side another 2 or 4 allied champions. Put simply there are 3 lanes of attack (usually) with towers blocking the path, each team has to destroy these towers to get closer to the opposing teams nexus and ultimately destroying that with the help of team specific minions which will travel down the lanes to fight anything in their way. I've been enjoying League of Legends for quite a long time now (last July I believe) and started playing it more and more as I got to a stable skill level in which I can play with my friends and have a good time.

As for Tribes, this is a game that I didn't expect to be playing actually. It's a massive throw back to the old days of FPS games with the likes of Quake Live and Unreal Tournament with the speed and intensity that these game brought. As a huge fan of FPS games it's nice to be offered an alternative to the regular Battlefields and Call of Duties that isn't Team Fortress 2. Put simply Tribes is a game of skill and precision opposed to the likes of Call of Duty in which the person with the most powerful gun will always win.

If anything, I'd highly recommend giving both League of Legends and Tribes Ascend a download since they are both free and so much fun to play, especially with a few friends and a beer or two. This is particularly true in League of Legends when both teams just smash together head on in glorious combat.


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