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Your next movie?

2007-07-18 18:58:38 by Simple

Which is the next film you are going to watch?

Either at home or out with your friends.

For me i think it will be The Simpsons movie with my family.

Then the same movie with my friends twice.

What about you?

Your next movie?


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2007-07-18 19:58:26

I do believe it's the same. I just watched Die Hard 4 and Transformers a while back.

Simple responds:

I have been intreged by Die Hard 4.0 but Tansformers looks pretty darn bad to me.


2007-07-21 14:05:48

I'm watching Die hard 4 now and my GF has my copy of Transformers, but the last movie I went out to see was Harry Potter 5

Simple responds:

Was Harry Potter any good?

Because in supposed to be going to see that also.


2007-07-21 17:31:44

yes it was really good I just wich it could have been longer the movie doesnt do the book justice but yeah its good


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